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  • Kelly Goorts

Want to Live Pain-Free Active Retiree?

I have noticed a common trend in the clinic when treating men and women that live active lifestyles with the bonus of being retired.

Usually, they have lived an active lifestyle for most of their lives, always walking, hiking, running, playing a sport of some kind - Pickleball for instance - and now that they are retired finally have more time to do what they love but are noticing some annoying, chronic pain issues arising.

I have developed a persona for active retirees and yes, every patient's treatment plan is unique to them, there are also common symptoms, areas of injury and treatment methods I can do to help them get back to feeling their best and out doing that they love.

Below are some common symptoms that I have classified under the 'Active Retiree' persona. If you feel you can relate to any of these please book an appointment with me today and let's get you back to living pain-free!


This is an issue for people of all ages that have active lifestyles. We all know the importance of stretching but many of us rarely take the time to do it.

Whether it's in the morning to start your day, before you start an activity, when you end your activity or before bed, stretching will help relieve tight muscles and reduce pressure on your joints.

Please click on the links below for great (short) stretching videos that you can incorporate into your day.

Stretching Videos:

If you are still experiencing pain due to tight muscles or joints Cupping is a great way to relieve the tension and allow the body to heal and relax. To learn more about cupping and how it can help you please click on the link found earlier in this paragraph.


Were you a 'Weekend Warrior' persona before you retired? Always working for the weekend so you could play numerous sports with friends, travel, bike/hike and let off some steam before the workweek began again.

Those were the good old days when your body would bounce back after the epic game-winning goal you scored in soccer or the diving catch you made in baseball.

And who could forget that volleyball smash that won you the championship after the hard-fought battle with your town rival.

We all have amazing memories but what our bodies remember are the torn ligaments, bruised muscles, broken bones and sprained ankles.

When I treat patients with old injuries I love hearing the stories that caused them but also witness the relief and increase strength, range of motion and overall ability they get after completing our treatment plan.

Depending on the type of injury we would create a treatment plan that works best for your pain tolerance, schedule and overall healing goal. Some injuries may be too severe for total recovery but if we can help relieve some pain, regain some mobility and allow you to keep playing or doing what you love then that's a win-win in my books.

If you want to learn more about what a treatment plan would look like for an injury you may still be suffering from, or have a question, please email me and I would be happy to start the conversation! (My email can be found in the footer of my website)


I highly recommend this method of treatment to all active retirees.

Once we have treated old injuries and loosened tight muscles we do not want to undo all that we have done.

Therefore, having a maintenance plan and schedule in place for either the overall body or specific areas is a great way to ensure you can stay active longer and continue on your path of living pain-free.

Some example plans I have created with previous patients includes but is not limited to:

Bi-Weekly Specific Area Treatment

Monthly Maintenance

3-Month Check-Ins

And/or a combo of one or two of the above depending if the patient wants to treat their whole body or just a certain area or both! If you want more information regarding the above treatment plans or creating one for yourself please email me and I'd be happy to start the conversation!

Testimonials from some Active Retirees that have benefitted from developing a Treatment Plan:

'I’ve been amazed at the difference Kelly has been able to make with the many issues I’ve had with pain. My pain issues have been occurring most of my adult life, but this is the first I have had of this type of therapy and I have been amazed to see the difference it has made. Thank you Kelly.'

- Jan

'My first visit to Kelly for cupping on my legs and knees. I definitely felt better after the treatment and highly recommend giving cupping a try. I will be back again! Kelly is very kind, professional and courteous. I felt very relaxed and safe in her environment. Thank you Kelly.'

- Mark

To Conclude,

Active Retiree's you shouldn't have to worry about an old injury or fear of injury to prevent you from doing what you love. Living pain-free shouldn't be a dream, or 'if only', with the right treatment method and plan we can get you on that path of living pain-free and allowing you to live life to the fullest!


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