Treating Emotional Pain

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With Pure Health, Kelly likes to look at your physical and emotional pain together – as usually one links into the other. In order to truly live pain-free, you must address, treat and relieve both.


Emotions are part of a person's character that is linked to their feelings instead of their thoughts. Feelings people can go through vary, such as happiness, anger, fear, worry, love and reflect the environment/situations that they are in. However, when it happens for a prolonged period without being addressed it can then interfere with a person’s ability to function and perform normal daily activities.

Prolonged imbalances in our emotions, causes stress in our body that can start leading to physical body pain.  Some examples of the pain are tightness in the chest, headaches, muscle pain in the neck, dizziness, physical pain in the arms and legs, gastrointestinal issues/imbalances, and many others.


When we start looking at how emotions are affecting our body, we are then able to develop a treatment plan to address the imbalanced emotion, as well as look at treating the physical pain.

Watch it in Action

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