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  • Kelly Goorts

Love working out but muscle pain is getting in the way?

Speaking to all Workout Buffs who love a good AMRAP, sweat soaked Tee and feeling the BURN!

You know who you are!?

Your body, is your temple and daily workouts are non-negotiable. All amazing qualities to have, however, the one thing I have noticed from patients that fall under this persona is that stretching before or after a workout is either inconsistent or not at all.

Therefore, many workout buffs have tight shoulders, chest and legs that can cause your joints (shoulder, knees, and ankles) to be sore due to heavy lifting.

No matter how much pre or post-workout you have it will not help reduce the tightness in your muscles

What you need is CUPPING!

Don't know what cupping is? Read my blog all about it here

and ideally, cupping with stretching to deepen the effect of the cupping and increase your range of motion.

Below is a video of cupping with stretching to help release lower back pain. Common on leg days your lower back can easily tighten from your hamstrings pulling on your back muscles.

When treating people that fit the Workout Buff persona I have noticed that they may be feeling the pain in their back, shoulders or chest most often than not, it's usually caused from another area of the body pulling on those muscles. Which means, that not only is their back, shoulders or chest very tight but so is their hamstrings, calves, traps, etc.

This brings me to...

The importance of stretching and the benefits of what Cupping can do for you!

As you can see in the video above by cupping certain areas of your body that are in pain we can help release the tight muscles, break down scar tissue and bring fresh blood to the area to promote quicker recovery.

If you haven't tried cupping before then you must book an appointment today and see, I should say, feel for yourself how your body responds to it and the increase range of motion and strength you have in your muscles.

For those that are interested in incorporating stretching into their routine before they try cupping here is a link to 12 foam rolling moves that would be great to start releasing some pressure in your trouble areas.

If you have any questions about this persona, and how to start treating the pain caused from frequent workouts then let's connect and start answering them right away.

Cupping can do wonderful things and once your start releasing some tension and increasing your range of motion I know you will be surprised on how quickly the amount of reps and / or weight you are using increases!


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