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  • Kelly Goorts

Do you work hard but play even harder? Yes? then we need to talk...

I am speaking to you Weekend Warrior!

You have the fire, passion and energy to go 110% no matter what you are doing.

All the adventures, sports, and socializing (pre and hopefully post-lockdown) you do leaves little time for rest or recovery for your muscles and joints, let's be serious - your whole body, before your back to the 9-5 workweek.

Sound like you?

I have noticed with the Weekend Warrior persona your body feels the effects of two major pain causes.

  1. Being stationary at a desk and the stress on your body from work

  2. Physical pain and exhaustion from your weekend adventures

This usually results in physical symptoms of very tight and sore muscles, pain in your joints (mainly shoulders and knees) and consistent aches that creep up from pushing the symptoms aside for so long until you can't ignore it anymore.

But let us not forget about the emotional pain symptoms you are possibly also experiencing with the physical - higher stress on the body physically and mentally can appear as fatigue, lack of focus, irritability, tension in the neck and headaches...oh the headaches.

All very easily dismissible symptoms, nothing a coffee or taking an Advil can't fix. Right?!

Let me give you another option

Instead of being reactive to your symptoms with coffee and quick fixes, how about setting up a proactive treatment plan that keeps your body limber, relaxed and your mind cool and clear so you can be your best at work and play.

What do I mean by a proactive treatment plan?

By creating proactive treatment plans I can use acupuncture, cupping and dynamic stretching to help relieve the pain you are feeling now and strengthen your body and mind to avoid future pains and potential injuries.

Have you ever tried stretching with cups on?

Ohhhhhhh.... let me tell you, cupping already feels 'so good' on tight muscles but when you add a simple range of motion stretch into the equation then we can really get to the muscle and the increased mobility you will see and feel afterwards makes the saying - No pain / no gain - worth it!

Below is a video of a client working on her shoulder tightness by including some simple stretches into her cupping treatment:

Now we can't forget the mental component, the emotional pain that is just as important to treat...

Emotional pain (click here to read my blog on what it is) can manifest through (duh) your emotions as well as physically. As mentioned above, fatigue, irritability, sluggishness and lack of focus can all be symptoms of stress and emotional pain.

Therefore it is just as important to treat so you can fully live pain-free.

Acupuncture is my preferred treatment method for emotional pain. By freeing up energy blockages in your body you can feel more aligned and in control of your emotions. Taking the time to come for an acupuncture treatment also gives your body time in a calm, relaxing atmosphere (aka my clinic) to fully let go of the stresses your holding on to and turn out the busyness of the world.

No matter how much energy you have, everybody needs some downtime!

Why not have it at Pure Health and get a treatment at the same time ;)

For those that may not be able to get to the clinic

Have no fear!

I wouldn't leave you high and dry. My blog for the Office worker is a must-read because it is full of tips and tricks to help with stress symptoms from the comfort of your home or office chair!

Slowing down is not an option

I hear you, and I want to make sure your body can keep up with your big plans so let's connect and start treating any physical or emotional pain that may be preventing you from living life to the fullest!


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