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  • Kelly Goorts

Neck Tension? Get Relief with Cups!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Pure Health Patient receiving Neck Cupping

Neck tension is, literally and figuratively a pain in the neck and to make it even worse it can lead to headaches and migraines.

Your neck contains flexible muscles that support the weight of your head, and allow you to move it around in many directions.

When these muscles get tight they limit your range of motion, create tension and even pain.

Causes for Neck Tension

There are many causes for neck tension - postural (looking down at your phone), carrying heavy bags, working out, and one of the most common - stress. ​So many of us, myself include, hold our worries and stress in our necks. This tension can cause pain there but also can radiate to other parts of our back and even cause us to have headaches.

How Cupping Helps with Neck Tension

At Pure Health Clinic, our most popular and effective treatment method to help relieve neck tension is cupping. For those really tense necks, sometimes it is a combination of both acupuncture and cupping to help relieve the pain.

​Cupping allows the practitioner to increase circulation and loosen the soft tissue by moving the cups over the skin while gently pulling up on the cup or sometimes park the cup for a short period of time.

When cupping the neck Kelly sometimes likes to add in dynamic stretches to help get back the range of motion and go deeper into the tension that is causing you the pain. There could be some marking after the treatment, as the neck marks easily, but the relief that follows always outweighs the marks.

To find out more on how cupping and/or acupuncture can help relieve your neck tension give us a call at 705-627-9765.


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