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  • Kelly Goorts

What is your Tongue telling You?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


There is so much to learn about in TCM and I will be learning the rest of my life. One area that I always find interesting is how our tongue can tell us so much about what is happening on the inside of our body and our overall health.

Tongue diagnosis is important, as it is the only INTERNAL ORGAN that we SEE and it reflects the health and functioning of the other internal organs.

From looking at a patients tongue, it gives a practitioner a strong visual indicator of a person's overall harmony or disharmony.

We as practitioners have been trained to look at all aspects of the tongue, including:

  • Body Colour

  • Body Shape

  • Features - spots, deviations, cracks, teeth marks

  • Moisture

  • Coating Colour and Thickness

The below infographic lets you know what is being reflected where on your tongue, and the information your practitioner is gaining when they ask you to stick our your tongue.

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