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What does living pain free feel like to you?

Pure Health can help you get there!

We all have pain...

Pure Health is here to help you relieve, treat and create management plans so you can live with the goal of being Emotionally and /or Physically pain-free. 

Pain can be developed from physical and emotional causes. Physical pain is easier to recognize, especially if it comes from an obvious injury or action,  yet it's usually emotional pain that has harboured in our bodies for an extended period of time that has caused the chronic pain that isn't as easy to treat, heal or diagnose. 

Continue reading about Pure Health's areas of focus below and explore the website to learn more about Kelly's treatment methods. 



Book an appointment with Kelly to start creating a treatment plan customized to your needs!

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

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Physical Pain.png

Physical Pain

Workout Buff, Weekend Warrior,

Active Retiree

Pure Health knows that pain is the physical suffering or discomfort caused by an injury or a long-term condition. Regardless if the condition is acute (very recent) or chronic (happen many years ago) there are many ways to treat the physical pain to help you live pain-free, and thus improve the quality of your life.  


Kelly has seen great results from acupuncture and cupping, either separate or together that has brought many smiles to her patients.


Emotional Pain.png

Emotional Pain

Chronic Pain, Trying/Expecting Moms, Office Workers

Emotional pain compared to physical pain can be downplayed a lot, however, it is just as important. When emotional pain is not addressed it often turns into physical pain - from neck tension, chest tightness and bowel issues to more severe conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, and chronic fatigue. 

Kelly has helped many stressed and anxious patients find relief and relaxation by using cupping and acupuncture to remove blockages and release tense muscles.

Personas that are living with Pain...

Over the 3 years of meeting a variety of patients, Pure Health has come to realize there are 6 main personas of people that need pain management and relief. Each one with its own unique symptoms, behaviours and characteristics. Therefore, Kelly has embraced these personas and developed successful treatment methods for each one.


Every person has their own personal story and history therefore if you do not feel you align with one of the persona's below do not fret, Pure Health can still help you find relief. Kelly will work with you to ensure your treatment is tailored specifically to your needs and your desired results. 

We encourage you to read the personas below, explore the website so you can learn more about physical and emotional pain and how we treat it. Then, we recommend you book an appointment so you can experience firsthand how it is possible to live pain-free!

Workout Buff Persona

Workout Buff

My Body, My Temple

Meal prep and daily workouts are non-negotiables. I am not consistent with stretching before or after a workout. My shoulders, chest and legs are common tight areas, this causes my joints to be sore due to lifting heavy weights.

Chronic Pain.png

Chronic Pain

Tried Everything, need help

From emotional stresses to physical pain, I cannot remember a time when my body and mind did not hurt. I have tried many different treatments, and nothing has given me lasting relief. I am open to trying anything. I know there must be something that can help.


Weekend Warrior

Work Hard, Play Harder

I work hard all week so I can play all weekend. My physical body needs a rest but it is hard to find time to stop. I usually feel pain in my shoulders, chest and legs. It all depends on which sport I'm currently participating in.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support

Trying, Expecting, Moms

I am trying or pregnant and want to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I would like help to prepare my body for the best delivery possible. It is vital to be working on my emotional and physical state so that I can stay connected to my body and my baby.

Active Retiree.png

Active Retiree

Life begins at Retirement

I am finally retired and have the time to do what I want. My old injuries are harder to ignore. I need to be more proactive in maintaining my body. My muscles and joints are tight, specifically in my hips, shoulders and knees

Office Worker.png

Office Workers

SO Stressed, at my Desk

Working from home has brought new challenges, and the stress has only increased. My emotions are up and down, feeling depressed at times and I have a hard time sleeping. I feel the pain in my hips, lower back and down the legs from sitting but also the tension in my neck is crazy.

Which Persona are You  ?

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Success Stories

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Overall Experience at Pure Health

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"From the minute you walk through the door, this is the place to be. Kelly is amazing!


She is caring, professional and thorough in her treatments.


I would recommend her to everyone."

—  Betty, October 2019

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