Launching the 'Pure' Blog

COVID 19 has affected us all and now going into this sixth week of the clinic closed down, I have had a lot of time to reflect. I have been using this time to educate myself with some great webinars and one in particular referred to this time as the GREAT PAUSE, and I could not agree more.

Being able to gain such insight after the webinar got me thinking about how I would love to share my own experiences and knowledge with you. Helping, sharing information and supporting each other is how I feel we should move through this thing called life. Thus, the creation of the 'Pure' Blog.

Pure comes from our name (obviously :D) and our values - Passion, Unity, Revitalization and Empowerment. The goal for this blog is that - you feel the passion in what is written, the information shared brings people together, and that one or many posts help revitalize or empower you so you can do what you need to to improve yourself whether it be your body, mind or soul.

Please enjoy this short video that gives you more insight on our core values and what Pure Health Clinic is founded on:

If there is anything specific you would like to know more about, have a question you'd like an answer too, please email me at

Know anybody who would benefit from following, please feel free to share this blog with them. I hope all is well with everyone and looking forward to seeing you in person, and until then please enjoy reading the latest blogs.

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